Houston Medical Waste Disposal

Houston Medical Waste Disposal

Running a business without a trusted service provider like Hill Country Medical Waste can negatively impact your entire operations and the quality of services. Proper medical waste disposal is a huge item to consider and having a reliable partner working with you can surely make your everyday grind worry-free.

Houston Medical Waste Disposal Can Be a Complex Activity

In Houston, the Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) provides safe, efficient, and environment-friendly solid waste services to the citizens of Houston through the collection, disposal, and recycling of wastes in a manner. Specific for medical wastes, the department states that private companies can locate companies that offer proper disposal services in the yellow pages or by visiting Earth911.com.

Waste management doesn’t stop when you label the items and throw them into the trash bins we placed around the facility. Proper disposal of waste also covers what happens after that – transporting, storing, transferring, treating, and disposing of medical waste. Because of the several things to consider ensuring that disposal is executed correctly, Texas created a regulatory guide for all to follow. The regulations became effective May 26, 2016, defined in Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 326.

The identified facilities that generate medical waste such as hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, or dentist’s office, refer to the same regulatory guide. The Texas Regulations on Medical Waste guide states the different aspects of waste disposal in Texas, defines the different types of waste, and provides the samples. Note that DSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services) considers the term “medical waste” as “health care-related”.

Special waste from health care-related facilities that produce five categories of waste:

  1. Waste from animals that got intentionally exposed to pathogens
  2. Bulk blood, human body fluids, and human-blood products
  3. Microbiological waste
  4. Pathological waste
  5. Sharps

The health care-related waste generators or facilities either take care of the disposal themselves (on-site) or they ship their waste off-site for treatment.

For on-site activities, they are required to notify the TCEQ about the operation as defined in 30 TAC 326.39 and 326.41. They are expected to keep records of the amount of each load of treated medical waste. For off-site activities, waste generators are required to label their waste packages as specified in 30 TAC 326.17, 326.19, and 326.21 before its transportation. The following are their options so they can comply with the container weight requirements: the facility may choose to use weight and let the transporter weigh each container, or transporters give the facility a document of total weight or volume of containers collected within 45days of shipment.

For more information about medical waste management, you may send an e-mail to mswper@tceq.texas.gov or give Municipal Solid Waste Permits Section a call at 512-239-2335.


Issues arise about Houston medical waste disposal

Medical waste contains potentially infectious microorganisms that can infect the employees, patients, and the general public. Health risks of improper disposal include:

  • Sharps-inflicted injuries
  • Exposure to pharmaceutical products handling or incineration of health care wastes
  • Chemical burns
  • Air pollution during incineration
  • Radiation burns
  • Thermal injuries that happen in conjunction

Environment is also affected through the release of pathogens and toxic pollutants that in return can contribute to human health risks.

To learn more how you can possibly help Houston or the entire state, you may visit the Texas Campaign for the Environment page.


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