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With service areas including the greater Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas,  we make medical waste disposal cost effective, safe, and easy. Don’t let the other companies fool you with a teaser entry rate! They will lock you into a long-term contract with no way out and then end up raising your prices. Hill Country Medical Waste doesn’t believe in contracts. We provide you with safe, affordable and fair medical waste disposal.  

Medical waste, sharps & biohazard disposal

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We charge you flat rates with no hidden fees. You never pay for services that you don't use!

Medical waste, sharps & biohazard disposal

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Say goodbye to long term contracts! We provide you medical waste disposal with flexible terms.

Medical waste, sharps & biohazard disposal

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We don't forget to pick up your waste and offer days that work for your business.

What Clients have to Say About our Medical Waste disposal services
D. Winget
D. Winget
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"Blake was prompt and professional. He made sure to walk me through the steps of disposal and how to be prepared for the next pick up! We look forward to continuing business with yall!"
M. Hernandez
M. Hernandez
Restoration Company
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"Hill Country Medical Waste has been instrumental in disposing of our hazardous waste properly. I schedule with them and they are always professional and on time. I continue to use them at our facility."
Dr. M
Dr. M
Wellness Practice
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"An extremely responsive, professional service and friendly as well! The big companies weren't helpful at all, and crazy expensive and Hillary worked with our schedule to make sure it all worked out for our pick-up. Highly recommended, and wish all companies were as responsive and customer-oriented!"

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Commonly Asked Questions about Medical Waste Disposal

What is Medical Waste?

As defined by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), regulated medical waste includes “special waste from health care–related facilities”. Special waste includes untreated medical waste. 

Hill Country Medical Waste helps you manage this special waste by picking up and disposing of the following:

  • Regulated Medical Waste Disposal – custom solutions to manage the collection, transportation, treatment, pickup and disposal of medical waste for any practice in your local area
  • HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Training – comprehensive, on demand training to keep your facilty and employees safe and compliant with federal and local regulations. 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions– integrated pharmaceutical and controlled substance waste disposal to protect communities and the environment with safe disposal of unused medication
  • Sharps Disposal Solutions – tailored full-service, self-service, and mail back sharps disposal solutions to match your needs and safely dispose of needles and syringes
  • COVID-19 Waste Disposal – Learn how we have been supporting healthcare and non-healthcare organizations in your community with their COVID-19 Waste Disposal, including medical waste and PPE waste generated through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

There are health risks and negative environmental impact if disposal won’t be done properly. Health risks may involve sharps-inflicted injuries, radiation and chemical burns, thermal injuries, and toxic exposure to pharmaceutical products and substances like dioxins or mercury. The release of pathogens and toxic pollutants affect the environment which may potentially contaminate the water. Incineration of heavy metals or materials with high metal content can lead to the spread of toxic metals in the environment is another example of risk.

Wastes and by-products include different types of materials, as the following list illustrates:

  • Infectious waste
  • Pathological waste
  • Sharps
  • Chemical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Cytotoxic waste
  • Radioactive waste

In Texas, self-transport by a generator is possible. Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) with 50 pounds or less per month of untreated medical waste may transport their own medical waste without being subject to the transporter requirements specified in 30 TAC 326.31 (b). However, if you belong to the Large Quantity Generators (LQGs) group that generates more than 50 pounds of untreated wastes, you are subject to comply with the registration rule as stated in 30 TAC 326.53. Both SQGs and LQGs must keep the required documentations, containing information required by 30 TAC 326.53 (b)(8),(9), and (10).

If you’re interested to go with the self-transport option, you can visit this link now to register or you can partner with Hill Country Medical Waste to save you the effort and time of going through the same registration process that we already did. We have been serving many healthcare facilities as one of the active waste transporters in Texas.

It is important that you choose an authorized company to work with you in managing and disposing safely your generated wastes. It is a must that disposal is done properly as public health and environment may be put at risk. Hill Country Medical Waste is a trusted partner of many facilities in Texas and we are ready to provide you quality, easy, and affordable services.

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