San Antonio Texas Medical Waste Disposal

san antonio texas medical waste disposal

Hill Country Medical Waste services helps many healthcare providers like you in San Antonio, Texas with their medical waste disposal. The talks around proper handling of wastes are huge especially in the middle of pandemic. Outsourcing this service from Hill Country Medical Waste is a great solution for you.

San Antonio Texas Medical Waste

Hospital related wastes which can sometimes be considered as special wastes, as also defined in Chapter 14 – SOLID WASTE – San Antonio, TX | Code of Ordinances – Municode Library, are those produced by medical facilities such as hospitals, dentist’s office, medical laboratories, clinics, veterinarian’s office, or any medical offices, where syringes, needles, and scalpels are commonly used. These wastes may also include human blood, tissues, or fluids that may be dangerous or infectious if not disposed properly.

Disposing of medical waste is just one of many activities strictly followed in Texas. Some other regulated activities according to Texas Commission of Environmental Quality are the Treating, Transferring, Transporting, Recordkeeping, and Storing of waste. Because of the complicated disposal process that medical facilities meet, Texas has authorized companies around the state to collect and transport medical wastes.

Reasons for Waste Management Failures and How to Move Forward

The most common factors that prevent us from succeeding in proper medical waste management are:

  • lack of awareness about the effects of medical waste to people’s health;
  • no proper training in waste management;
  • inadequate financial and human resources;
  • lack of waste management and disposal systems; and
  • low priority given to the topic.

The World Health Organization noted that established regulations do not exist in many countries even today or if they do have them, they do not enforce them.

WHO also shared the key elements to have an improved health-care waste management:

  • Reduce waste generation and promote waste segregation
  • Develop strategies and systems with strong oversight and regulation in waste segregation, destruction, disposal practices
  • Safe treatment of hazardous health care wastes over medical waste incineration
  • Have a complete established system, addressing responsibilities, resource distribution, management and disposal, which will be sustained by gradual improvements for a long-term development
  • Raise awareness of the risks and safe practices
  • Prioritizing environment-friendly management solutions, to protect people from infections or hazards when collecting, handling, storing, transporting, treating, or disposing of waste

Trusted San Antonio Texas Medical Waste Disposal Service

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