How To Save Money on Dallas Hazardous Waste Disposal

Save Money Dallas Hazardous Waste Disposal

Keeping everything organized is a huge task for a business especially when it comes to finance. Business owners in Dallas allot a budget for everything and continue to think of ways on how to reduce expenses and save more money. Hill Country Waste Disposal is here to support you all the way and make sure that you receive the services you deserve and want as we believe that proper and quality waste disposal can only mean not having to worry about being locked into long-term contracts or bonds while enjoying not having to pay government penalties.

Self-transport Your Medical and Hazardous Waste or Hire a Company

You may self-transport your generated waste once you know the regulated activities and requirements and register. Being a medical waste generator requires you to know a lot about proper waste disposal. Doing it on your own can help you save money in the long run. Contacting an authorized company in Texas should also be considered to help you. This option tends to be the main solution of many facilities in Dallas as this saves them the headache running through a lot of federal/state guidelines and paying penalties when there are violations.

Other Tips to Save Money at Your Facilities

Reducing and recycling of waste can greatly help the business in saving money. Some of the highly generated materials that are mostly recyclable are papers, glass bottles, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, steel cans (used by food service), and plastics. Here are a few simple ideas to identify waste reduction at your healthcare facilities:

  • Ordering – Evaluate and improve order practices to reduce outdating and waste of perishable goods
  • Cleaning – Buy cleaning substances in 55-gallon refillable drums. Use concentrated solutions that staff mixes as well. Washable mop heads are a better option instead of using the disposable ones
  • Waste Hauling – Renegotiate contracts with waste haulers
  • Administrative – Share journals and magazines between departments to reduce multiple subscriptions
  • Employees – Set up an area for people to share gently the used items such as folders, containers, binders, etc. Do not forget to reward those employees who also contribute to waste reduction ideas and efforts

Recycling Tips: Not all might work for all, but the following can be considered to save money. Limiting the purchase of products that are made from recycled materials should be the goal.

  • Bathrooms – Use air dryers instead of paper towels
  • Patients – Use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Be sure to check with sanitary regulations
  • Admissions – Use reusable items rather than disposables (water pitchers, bed pans, etc.)
  • Patient Rooms – Use washable linens such as gowns, linens, etc. Set up a volunteer program to recycle used blankets, mattress pads, and quilts into potholders.
  • Nursing – Reuse plastic fracture pans and graduated measuring containers.
  • Surgery – Evaluate the items in your surgical packs to determine if any item is not used enough to be used in every standard surgical pack. Switch to reusable medical instruments instead of disposable. Use washable surgical and nursing gowns and sterilization trays.
  • Cafeteria – Use washable plates, utensils, and cups. Compost kitchen and food waste.
  • Administration – Use email instead when sending memo to all and keep hard copy memo distribution to a minimum.

Save Money Now on Your Medical and Hazardous Waste Disposal

Many in Dallas are implementing waste reduction programs to help them save money in relation to waste management and hired a company to help them dispose their medical and hazardous waste. Sadly, some of these businesses do not just have the luxury of switching to another service provider because they are bound to fulfill their long-term contracts. What happens is that they continue to receive the same lousy and ineffective waste disposal services for the same amount of money and what they can only do is to complain and probably pay the penalty just to end their suffering. It becomes more expensive. Save your time, energy, and money with Hill Country Medical Waste like what many facilities in Dallas are experiencing now. With guaranteed quality service, you are also going to enjoy paying flat rates with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Guaranteed savings on your part! Get your FREE quote today and allow us to show you the savings you will finally achieve.