How To Save Money on San Antonio Medical Waste Disposal

Saving Money San Antonio Medical Waste Disposal

Setting and allocating the correct budget for every aspect of the business is extremely important thus saving money would definitely mean a lot to business owners. Like our partners in San Antonio Texas, they understand the value of having a trusted company to guide them with correct waste management and proper disposal of their waste. Proper waste disposal with Hill Country Waste Disposal means meeting the set budget and getting possible savings. We make sure that disposal is well taken care of to save us from paying any unnecessary penalties. Allow us to help and provide you an easy and cost-effective service.

What To Do First Before You Dispose Medical Waste

Medical disposal is a necessity in the health care industry and regardless of type, it is essential that you be conscious of the laws in place when handling and disposing of medical waste. Each city has its own regulations. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has also listed the requirements for disposing treated and untreated medical waste.

The rules and regulations differ in each state; therefore, you should do some research to find out what is accepted in your area. Medical waste is regulated by the state environmental and health agencies. Contacting your state environmental program first is vital to know more information before disposing medical waste. Please note the other federal agencies that have regulations on medical waste such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In San Antonio, disposal of sharps is done by placing them in a secure sealed container that will not open easily and cannot be penetrated by the needles. They should be disposed of in the brown garbage bin. This is just an example of an imposed rule related to waste management and disposal in a state which could be the similar practice like in other states.

You Can Do Your Own Medical Waste Disposal or You Call for Help

You may manage and dispose your generated medical waste. If you have a yard with lots of trees, for example, burning the waste could be an option. However, if you have any doubts or concerns about the safety of this practice, then it is best to choose an alternative location. Perhaps there could be a swampy area where the fire could burn out of control. Another way to dispose the waste is to drive to a medical waste facility that does pick-up medical wastes in your area.

Please note that there are specific guidelines to know about transporting medical waste in Texas. Self-transport is possible depending on the quantity of waste. Transport by a person other than the generator is also considered. Contact authorized transporters in Texas to get the necessary help in your waste disposal.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Medical Waste Disposal on San Antonio

Medical waste disposal does not have to break the bank. Ways to save include using a public dumpster and composting. Some companies will even provide you with a commercial container for transporting your medical waste to their place of business.

Recycling and choosing to reuse some items are other options to save money. World Health Organization (WHO) listed down some ways on how to minimize medical waste:

  • Source reduction
  • Recyclable products
  • Good management and control practices
  • Waste segregation

Recycling is usually not practiced (apart from the recovery of silver from fixing baths used in processing Xray films) but it can be done for metals, papers, glass, and plastics and it can help save money.

Medical and other equipment in a healthcare facility may be reused provided that it can withstand the sterilization process. Reusable items may include certain sharps like syringes, glass bottles, hypodermic needles, and containers. These should be carefully separated from the non-reusable items, washed (like in the case of hypodermic needles, in which infectious droplets could be trapped), then sterilized (thermal or chemical sterilization). Reusing of hypodermic needles is not highly encouraged but may be necessary in establishments that cannot afford disposable syringes and needles. Plastic syringes and catheters should not be thermally or chemically sterilized; they should be discarded. Certain types of containers may be reused when carefully washed and disinfected.

Special measures must be applied in the case of potential or proven contamination. Doing research on which items can be recycled, reused, and disposed is required.

Takeaway: If you’re looking for ways to save money on medical waste disposal in San Antonio Texas go beyond what is presented above.

How Much Can You Save on Medical Waste Disposal

Everyone knows that cutting costs is vital to the success of a business. Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized businesses in Texas do not have the resources to provide their employees with the readily available on-site waste disposal typically made possible by larger companies. However, there are options for small businesses–including a medical waste disposal service. Connect with Hill Country Medical Waste today and know how our waste disposal services can make everything easy for you and your business in San Antonio. Saving money may mean partnering with a reliable company like us and start experiencing customized pick-up schedule and safe removal of waste. Say goodbye to paying government penalties and long-term contracts! Request for a free quote or call us at 512-551-4931.